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Universal Children’s Day 2015

We, JAAGO Foundation took the idea of celebrating children’s rights and education to the next level in Bangladesh through awareness & engagement among the masses. Our flagship campaign of celebrating the “Universal Children’s Day” is a revolutionary movement for raising awareness for the underprivileged kids in Bangladesh. After seven years of relentless effort for quality education, we feel like we have achieved our goal as UN has already taken it as an SDG goal and  believe it’s time we move forward with something much more bigger for the welfare in the future.

We wholeheartedly thank all our supporters, staffs, and all the relentlessly hardworking volunteers for their continuous support and assistance for making our efforts possible and successful.

What is UCD?

“Universal Children’s Day (UCD)” is celebrated every year on November 20th to promote international togetherness and awareness about children worldwide.

UCD Toolkit

This helpful toolkit includes all the resources you need to support you in your efforts. This contains all you need to communicate, promote and support the Universal Children’s Day.

UCD in Bangladesh

JAAGO Foundation started a revolutionary movement by celebrating “Universal Children’s Day” for the underprivileged kids from 2009, delivering awareness every year.

Children’s Rights

Children are our future. Every child should be provided with nurturing environments and proper care.

Quality Education 4 All

We believe in building a society where every child will have access to quality education. Understanding the need for quality education, we are moving further by raising awareness.

UCD 2015

This year, our yellow army will spread happiness all over the streets, covering half of Bangladesh and will bring more smiles for the children.


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Check out our day by day calendar of hours for the Universal Children’s Day 2015.

Today we will step into the shoes of the underprivileged children so that they can enjoy a day full of fun. The children will play, laugh and have loads of amusement all day long. Along with that we will spread will spread the message of child rights and the importance of quality education amongst the general people.

10 hours



Discover everything you need to know about our Universal Children’s Day which is right here for you. Use the link below to download a Brochure of our Universal Children’s Day 2015.


8 Divisions, 32 Districts, Half of Bangladesh!


It takes just 60 Seconds to Make All the Children Smile.

Dear Interested Volunteer,
Welcome to UCD 2015. This online registration is to book your spot, not the final registration. This is only to confirm that you want to participate in our biggest campaign UCD. After completing this online process, you will have to come to “Volunteer for Bangladesh” office to complete your registration along with a passport size photo, a valid photo ID card and, BDT 300/- for confirming your registration in between 15th October to 17th October. If your district does not have an office yet, please contact your Local Representative or District Officer.


Outside Dhaka


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Watch our videos. Below is a collection of our Milestone videos.

#UCD15 Theme Song

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UCD 2009


Our Beloved Supporters. A big thanks to our supporters for their support!

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