Universal Children’s Day 2015 was a blast!

We have done it! Our carnival zone emitted rays of happiness through the smiles of these kids. Their laughter went louder as they got onto the Ferris wheel, merry-go-round. Their giggles sparkled like stars when they were watching amusing puppet and educational cartoon show. Along with that, our highlights that stole the hearts of many were the cultural program by our JAAGO kids and the fashion show by the street kids. More to that, the British High Commissioner to Bangladesh, His Excellency Mr. Robert Gibson embraced us by his presence and shared his happiness with all the kids on such a successful event. We couldn’t have done this without our supporters and volunteers. UCD 15 was entirely possible through the wholesome support of you all. Heartiest thanks to The Daily Star, Rahimafrooz Solar, Za ‘n Zee Ice cream, Comilla Victorians, Renata Limited, Pizza Hut, KFC, Beximco Pharmaceuticals Ltd, Northern Tosrifa Group, The Daily Ittefaq, K. Nasif Photography, Prito Reza Production, and Radio Foorti. Also we would like to thank Elita, Shunno, Kona, Mahadi & Sandhi for making the evening so special. Special thanks to the #YellowTide, our most beloved volunteers for creating endless smiles.

Universal Children’s Day 2015 is On!

The kids entered the carnival zone bearing the JAAGO t-shirt helped by our volunteers. The kids are feeling satisfied as they are having their breakfast. They are eluding happiness through their smiles. They are being entertained by a number of activities. Some kids are getting the full pledge fun of Merry-Go-Round. Some are happy to go on to the Ferris Wheels. Some of their laughter is echoing on the field whole watching the cartoon show. The kids are being lined up for their medical check-up as well.