Universal Children’s Day 2010: Education for ALL

UCD @ JAAGO Foundation

Bangladesh is a country that has been riddled with poverty driving most of the poor families to engage their children to work and earn a daily income to sustain these families.Fifty per cent of the population in Bangladesh remains below international poverty line of US$1.25 per day.With this background, the United Nation’s Universal Children’s day (UCD) is probably just another day when the children’s rights are promoted and talked about on the major media by experts in Bangladesh ,and it makes little difference to the unfortunate children,who remain lurking in the streets,to be noticed. Children who thrive in poverty find no reason to celebrate.But JAAGO made the day special for all those unfortunate children and also made the day out loud to everyone else since November,2009.
In line with UN’s millenniums developments goals, JAAGO foundation has been observing the UCD since 2009 with the theme of “Education for All”.This year,the signature yellow army of Volunteers for Bangladesh (VBD),a youth wing of JAAGO, carried out yet another campaign to uphold the significance of education for every child in eradicating the poverty of our country.
Around 2,000 teenagers and youth volunteers from the different schools, colleges and universities of Dhaka, international volunteers and participants from corporate organizations took the place of the unfortunate children at 18 busy traffic signals on 20th November, 2010.All round the day volunteers handed out brochures to commuters along with the message of education for all with a token of flowers. Many people responded to this cause and contributed for education,which was used to build up the Banani school of JAAGO. The children on the other hand, enjoyed the entire day at Wonder Land, one of the few amusement parks in Dhaka.
Television personalities Nirob and Sarika and musicians AyubBachchu, Anushe, Elita, and Ornob;band-members of Nemesis Maher and Zohad, Warfaze’s Sheikh MunirulAlam (Tipu),educationalist D.Mohammad ZafarIqbal and many more joined in the campaign.
The underprivileged children were provided food and free medical checkup throughout the day alongside various entertainment programs. The free medical checkup was conducted by Novartis Bangladesh Limited.
“We have increased the impact exponentially through the UCD 2010 campaign,’ says KorviRakshand, founder of JAAGO Foundation. He added that the educated youth need to get involved and take up the initiatives to make the lives of such children better. When talking about social work, it is a big cliché, but when we get to know of the little things in life that street children are deprived of, every little bit really does count.
The major sponsors who supported this event include KFC, Pizza Hut, Dhaka Bank Limited, Citibank N.A., Alliance Holdings Limited, Novartis (Bangladesh) Limited, Adcomm Limited, Virgin, Green World and Through the Lens.One degree initiative and Poverty Fighters also helped JAAGO coordinate the whole event.