Universal Children’s Day 2011: Primary Education for ALL

UCD @ JAAGO Foundation

Now that from the local traffic police to the parents of the volunteers, almost everyone in the capital is familiar with the increasing magnitude of JAAGO’s UCD celebrations each year,it was time for JAAGO to expand their campaign to a bigger scale in 2011.The number of participants increased three fold (around 7000) and the campaign was carried out in 10 district from all around Bangladesh.
3rd November, 2011, the yellow team of volunteers for Bangladesh (VBD),set out on street with the slogan “Primary Education for ALL”who were the students of different English and Bangla medium schools, colleges, and universities. They hung about the busiest traffic points in 10 districts and sold flowers and other items to people with a view to creating awareness about the UCD.
The volunteers presented a day of relish to around 1500 disadvantaged children by swapping places with them. The rootless children, on the other hand, were taken to various amusement parks in the respective districts where they spent a carefree day, having fun rides, nutritious foods, and free health check-up.
“The children, who sell flowers, popcorns and other items on 365 days at the traffic signals to earn livelihood, go starve if they do not work,” said KorviRakshand,founder of JAAGO foundation. “Our idea is to let them pass a day as children.”
“Around 80 percent of the country’s population is youth and they have to be provided with proper scope to work,” he said.
This year for the first time, volunteers from Sylhet to Chittagong received a taste of Universal Children’s Day fever, which was limited to youngsters of Dhaka in the last 2 years.For the people of Sylhet, the excitement was huge. “We are working hard for kids, who have been spending their lives in misery so really distributing T-shirts in the heat is worth it and fun as well”. said the volunteer.
UCD’11 was also the first campaign for volunteers of Khulna, and their enthusiasm was contagious. According to a dedicated Khulna volunteer, who was originally from Dhaka “People waited for hours just for the T-shirt. I must say that UCD’11 has changed my view of Khulna and the youth.”With grade 11 and 12 students as their oldest volunteers, Naraynganj had the youngest team in the entire Bangladesh. The age barrier however did not hinder Naraynganj’s efforts to carry out UCD as successfully as that of other districts.
According to the volunteers in Rangpur, the UCD preparation has united the volunteers with members of the community. Despite the hartals, this unity has kept them going and striving for a successful campaign on primary education. However the excitement levels were high in Gazipur since this kind of awareness raising campaign was the first for this district. The volunteers believed that the end result is worth all the hard work they are doing for UCD.

Also following the saga of previous campaign, this yearJAAGO introduced their first pilot project of online school in Gazipur.The online school opened a new window of distance learning by good teacher all over the country. The collected fund was also used in making The Korail and Tongi school of JAAGO.
JAAGO foundation appreciates their sponsors of the campaign (Airtel,Pizzahut,KFC,Austen,Fareast,Wonderland,Green land,Prescription,TTL,Citi,Dhaka Bank) and the media partner Radio Today who supported to carry out the day.