Universal Children’s Day 2012: Quality Education for ALL

UCD @ JAAGO Foundation

A quality education grants us the ability to fight the war on ignorance and poverty.A quality education is education that enriches not only individual’s mind but also that enables him to contribute in the progress of the society and the nation as a whole.Of all the causes that are hindering the smooth transition of our economy, unskilled population is a prominent one which is the result of below standard education system. So we need to educate our children but more importantly we need quality education to ensure that we are producing skilled generation that is well capable of making impact in the society.
Understanding the need for quality education, in 2012, the campaign of JAAGO foundation on the Universal Children’s Day (UCD), went bigger and further.This year the yellow tide of Volunteers forBangladesh (VBD) roamed on 21 districts all over Bangladesh with a call for “Quality Education for ALL”.About 10000 spontaneous young students and professionals from all walks of life took part to voice their message to public. The huge amount of participants for this year’scampaign unanimously told that our young generation isconscious and that they do unite for causes worth changing the society. The power of youth (more prominent for their signature yellow color) multitudes as more of them unites to take a stand on social causes.
Throughout the campaign the participants actively approached to different individual and institution,highlighted the significance of quality education .They handed fliers, roses and Jaago-exclusive newspapers where the activity of JAAGO students were portrayed. They stuck stickers on the back of buses and public transports.One of the youth in Dhaka city said, “Yes, there are all kinds of people in the streets and we got a very good taste of how different the world is to what we all think of it to be. Also, when we were complaining to ourselves how insanely difficult it was, we remembered that… The kids in the streets do these EVERYDAY”.
The children from the respective districts were taken to amusement park. They were given free medical checkup. TheChildren enjoyed the breakfast, lunch, games show, music arranged by the JAAGOvolunteers. While the children from Dhaka city were taken to Banani Society Field. There the children along with all other volunteers enjoyed the Carnival.
When asked why JAAGO runs English medium School,rather than conventional Bangla medium school?KorviRakshand,founder of JAAGOfoundation, said ‘We are a developing country.We need to keep up with the developed countries.And learning in English prepares the students to compete globally.That’s what our campaign is about this year- quality education”
Let’s hope the voice of the youth will be heard and that our underprivileged children will get standard education that will turn them into skilled population.
The fund raised are proceeded to spend on education purpose of the districts they are collected from.
The sponsors of the campaign were KFC, Pizzahut, Renata, Summit Tower, Unilever, Exim Bank, Elite Force and the media partners were The Daily Star, DeshTv, ATN News, Radio today.