Universal Children’s Day 2014: Invest in Education

UCD @ JAAGO Foundation

How conscious are we as a citizen? To what extent our surrounding of bare reality strikes us? Still there are thousands of children wandering around us who are completely isolated from the light of education and minimum standard of living!But we are fine with it! These are probably those poor dirty children that the country should get rid of! Because who knows these children may become beggars, burglarsor murderer at worst! Is It? If that’s not true then how come we, the educated, conscious people become so oblivious and blind to the fact that what apparently looks like worthless poor children are actually the gems of future. This is what our nation is going to deal with in the long run.
So it’s our future that is at stake now. We need to invest in our present to enjoy a wonderful future. And our very own children are our present.If you plough a rose seed, it will grow up to be a rose plant and you will be enjoying its fragrance. But if you cultivate a eucalyptus, it will grow up to be a tree with adverse effect on environment.
This year with the Universal Children’s Day (UCD) knocking at the door,the yellow army of Volunteer for Bangladesh (VBD), youth wing of JAAGO Foundation is getting ready to give us a wake of awareness. This year they are going tobang on our moral stigma with the message of “Invest in Education”. The day long campaignwill be voicing the importance of investing in the education of our children.The investment could be any form of support, care, effort that could inspire the education in our society. If we invest in education today, we get a better nation tomorrow; preparing ourselves for the global fast track race.
Following the trail of previous massive success of the campaign, this year the campaign will be carried out in 28 districts all over Bangladesh. Youths from different school, college and universities are taking part in the campaign to invest their time and effort in circulating awareness amongst us. Are you ready to invest yours?
While the volunteers are sweating out under the sun to spread the message of education and welfare of the children, the children of various districts will be given a day off to enjoy in amusement parks. They will be enjoying food, primary health checkup, game show, musical program, painting competition themed as “My wish, Prince for a day”. The children of Dhaka city will be taken to the Banani Society Field where the children will have fun and will be given back an ideal day of childhood-a day spent as only a happy child rather than a street poverty stricken kids gawking at us.
To join the Yellow Army in the biggest campaign of the nation, Book your registration-spot online! This online registration is not the final registration. This will only identify your interest and preferred place for volunteering in UCD. After completing this online process, you will have to come to the office in respective districts with 2 copies of your passport size photo, BDT 250 as registration fee with a valid photo ID .The registration fees are taken for the t-shirt and food for the volunteers and as an investment of youths to this cause. The fund raised during the campaign will be preceded towards the education purpose of the respective districts.
Let’s invest in educating our children, let’s have better future!