The Nation Prepares For UCD 2011

In preparation for the biggest congregation of Volunteers so far, UCD 2011 campaign will be conducted in all 7 divisions of Bangladesh.For the first time, volunteers from Sylhet to Chittagong received a taste of Universal Children’s Day fever, which was limited to youngsters of Dhaka in the last few years.From the local traffic police to the parents of the volunteers, almost everyone in the capital is familiar with the increasing magnitude of JAAGO’s UCD celebrations each year. This year the volunteer count is overflowing our initial estimate by thousands; an issue that has posed to be both an inspiration and a problem for us. Read More


JAAGO sponsors: A bright halo over 1,400 heads

Contrary to the negative impression many tend to have about the Jaago Foundation, the organisation heavily operated by the Bangladeshi youth today educates 1,400 underprivileged children. Jaago has often come under scrutiny for accusations that a “bunch of rich Dhaka kids” run the organisation and collect funds to run it. However, what often is left unseen in the picture is that the volunteers collect these funds on a day globally recognised as “Universal Children’s Day,”Read More

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